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Correo: 57
30816 Lorca


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Teléfono: +34 968 486704

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Descripción del expositor

Unexport is a merger of a series of agricultural cooperatives committed to offering a service which is becoming more and more competitive on the international markets.

Produces and exports all kind off vegetables (organic and conventional), citrus, stonefruits and melons.

The cultivated fields of the cooperatives that make up Unexport span Murcia, Andalucia, Castilla-La Mancha and Valencia, selecting the best food products of an area internationally recognised for the high quality of its natural food products.

Its catalogue is inspired by a wide range of vegetables and produce, citric fruits, stone fruits, watermelon and melon. A select group of these products are also available as organic products.

This range of food products represents the most fertile areas of the South West of Spain: such as broccoli, cauliflower and the Iceberg, baby and cos lettuce varieties from the Valle del Guadalentín and surrounding areas, and tomato, cucumber, aubergine, pepper, etc. from the Almeria province, in addition to stone fruits from the productive part of Cieza such as peach, nectarine, apricot, prunes and saturn peach. Our catalogue also wouldn't be complete without our region's most characteristic summer fruits like melon and watermelon, crops with a great, age-old tradition of production and consumption in this Area.
And from the northern part of the Murcia Region and the whole Community of Valencia, we offer the entire range of citric fruits and persimmons that are so important during the winter season.

The idea is to serve our clients all year round with a vast number of articles. All products are produced under recognized quality norms such as globalgap, iso, brc and natures choice.

The natural merger

Committed to quality for more than ten years to nourish the most demanding markets. We were born with this philosophy in 1999 and with this philosophy, we will continue growing and facing challenges successfully on markets that are becoming more demanding.

Unexport values:
  • Commitment towards partners, customers and consumers.
  • Reliability for our customers.
  • Flexibility towards customers and partners.
  • The highest quality for all our products.

For us it is important to always guarantee the highest quality of all our products. It is Unexport’s first commitment and the most important one in our every day work. Unexport stands for natural guarantee and high quality. It has been like this since our creation and we work hard for it to continue like that.

From the seedbed until they leave the warehouse, all our products carrying the UNEXPORT label must undergo exhaustive quality controls, attested by the main international certifications: GLOBALGAP, IFS, BRC, QS, NATURES CHOICE, ISO…

Biological commitment

At Unexport they're deeply convinced that the future of agriculture will be greener and greener, and the future of the company will be focused on promoting the values of an biological, sustainable, healthy and competitive type of agriculture. This is the path they want to follow and they've been focusing their efforts along these lines for years, working to constantly increase their biological production. Unexport wants to be part of a social evolution based on increasingly healthy diets.

Unexport's organic products have the Biological Certification of the Organic Farming Council of the Region of Murcia (CAERM), in addition to the European Union Certification for products originating from organic farming.


Unexport has got 12.000 hectares of production and 1100 farmers that contribute to completing the widest range of horticultural products. The farming area is spread over Murcia, Valencia, Andalusia and Castile-La Mancha. This allows us to offer one of the widest offers with 54 products on the market from fruits to vegetables.

Biz Chances


Unexport has got an integral, perfectly organised logistical service to reach any point of Europe: Italy, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Poland and Czech Republic… we are already present in 30 countries and we continue crossing borders

In short, our founding commitments are:

1. To get successfully on the most demanding markets with regard to quality.
2. To offer the biggest range of horticultural products under the same label.
3. To maintain, at all times, a constant capacity to adapt in order to meet the demands of a dynamic market which is more and more united and demanding.

Current News

Unexport is in a phase of constant development. It is currently present in all European countries. Its expansion towards the countries of Eastern Europe is ongoing. In terms of its organic range, the markets in which this line has greater presence are in the Scandinavian area, where they are still growing steadily. Recently, as result of continuous innovation and a policy of growth, development and service to the partners, they present a processed food division under the brand name "Murmullos del Edén".