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Sales Manager Goran Adamovic

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Sales Manager Goran Adamovic

Sales Manager
Productos frescos


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1000 Skopje
Macedonia, La Antigua República Yugoslava de

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Junix DOO

Junix DOO


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The establishment of UNNIX LTD took place in 2011 launching one of today’s leading exporters of fresh fruits and vegetable from the Balkan region.
UNNIX has developed two core departments: Unnix produce and Unnix logistics, both building a complete supply chain facilitatorand providing high quality logistics solutions for its customers.
The UNNIX team is committed to create customized solutions for its clients, meeting the specific needs regarding products, varieties, type of packaging, calibration and distribution.
Main characteristic of the Balkan region is the large number of small and medium fresh producer.
Their integration is our biggest advantage and through our strong supply base we enable a constant supply of high quality products.

To empower our people to strive for a supply chain excellence. By setting new standards we aim to be the best in satisfying the needs of our strategic partners.
To act as a 4 Party logistics company – complete supply chain facilitator form the Balkan region that integrates production, pre-cooling, packing and transportation of fresh produce to the final customer.
Unnix’s highly experienced team is the core of its success. The team believes in long-term commitment to the trade business and to each of its customers, producers, and partners.
In-depth fruits & vegetables market knowledge and absorbed experience have only straightened our company’s values:

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