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Importers for horticulture products


fresh fruits and vegetables from Pakistan


Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company

Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company


Descripción del expositor

Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Board (PHDEB) was established by the Ministry of Commerce in 2002 with the objective of creation of a specialized business support organisation for the development of horticulture sector due to the importance of horticulture sector, and peculiarities of the sector necessitating a specialized development organisation. The Board was transformed in 2009 into a company under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 (now Companies Act 2017) and was named as Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company (PHDEC).
The Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company has been assigned the following mandate:
  • Coordination for improvement of supply chain system for the horticulture sector including the establishment of modern infrastructure
  • Encouraging, facilitating and training the growers to grow for export
  • Facilitating the adoption of international standards and certifications for compliance with import requirements of major importing countries
  • Information dissemination on international compliances on food quality and safety and by capacity building of the stakeholders
  • Promoting/facilitating investment in the horticulture processing industry, infrastructure and other areas ancillary to horticultural exports
  • Promoting and developing the competitiveness of the horticulture industry with a focus on exports of value-added fresh & processed horti-products
  • To promote the export of horticulture products by:
    • Setting up market intelligence services
    • Establishing linkages with international marketing companies
    • Facilitating trial shipments to new markets/segments
    • Organizing exporters’ delegations and their participation in International Exhibitions relating to horticultural products
  • To provide facilities for the settlement of disputes relating to and arising from trade transactions of the horticulture sector.
  • To coordinate with the private and public sector organisations/institutions for synergizing the efforts at development of the horticulture sector.
    • Ministry of Commerce
    • Provincial Governments – Agriculture Department
    • Development Organisations
    • Associations and Chambers
    • Government Bodies e.g. Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Department of Plant Protection, Trade Offices Abroad, Customs and Port Authorities.
    • Stakeholders – farmers, processors, pack houses, exporters, importers
    • Academia – Universities, Research Institutes




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