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Teatinos N° 180, 10th Floor
8340650 Santiago


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +56 22857100
Fax: +56 2 8275480

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ProChile is the Export Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile. With operations in more than 50 markets worldwide, ProChile is in charge of stimulating and diversifying the exports of Chilean products and services, providing the necessary support for the development of the export sector. Having over 35 years of experience, ProChile administers innovative instruments for the promotion of exports such as trade fairs, research and establishing business contacts.

We are interested in identifying strategic partners, distributors, traders and consumers in international markets who see the opportunity to enhance their business strategies through Chilean products and services. We invite you to get in touch with any of ProChile’s 56 offices in the world, where you can request and schedule business meetings, get advice on the characteristics of the Chilean productive and services sectors, as well as receive information on investment opportunities in Chile. In addition, you can also learn more about Chile’s wonderful tourist attractions at our offices.

The Chilean Export Sector
Chile has opted for an open, competitive economy oriented towards free trade. For over 20 years, Chile’s productive sector has been has been one of the driving forces behind the country’s rapid economic growth.

With favorable export terms, a wealth of natural resources and its special status as a virtual phytosanitary island –protected by mountains to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atacama Desert to the north and ice fields to the south – Chile quietly boasts a robust and diverse produce sector that is constantly adapting to serve the needs of global markets by offering a broad range of fresh produce plus a growing list of value-added products tailor-made for export.

There are over 28,000 businesses involved in Chile’s agriculture and fishing industries and the diversity of the products on offer reflects the diversity of the country’s territory and climate.

In the far north, where searing desert landscapes are tempered by the dark blue waters of the Pacific, you can find desert oases that are home to olive, table grapes, tangerine, and orange producers, among others. As you journey southwards, the desert landscape makes way for one that is more Mediterranean. Here, in the irrigated valleys that run almost perpendicular to the coastline, you will find the northernmost outposts of Chile’s hugely successful wine and table grapes industry. You can also find, but on a smaller scale, the likes of olives, raisins, nuts, tomatoes, peppers, onions, broad beans, citrus fruits, apples, nectarines, apricots, oregano, and flowers.

Further south is the main growing region, the Central Valley, home to the national capital, Santiago. The Central Valley is the agricultural hub, thanks to its ideal climate and flat, arable land. Here, where the sun shines hot in summer and the rains fall in abundance in winter, you will find wine and table grape vineyards, olive groves, and honey producers, as well as a myriad of fruit including apples, table grapes, pears, kiwis, plums – it’s no surprise that today Chile is the number one exporter of fresh fruit from the Southern Hemisphere!

Quality of supply, constant promotion, and recognition of the seriousness and responsibility of Chilean companies, among other factors, have allowed Chile to position itself as a reliable supplier of fruit products that can meet the demand of the most demanding markets in the world and still remain the largest exporter in the entire southern hemisphere.

Two years after the launch of the brand ‘Fruits from Chile’, and its sub-brands, at Fruit Logistica, key importers and distributors worldwide have agreed that this campaign has helped to depict a sector with a united vision and strengthen the positive perception of Chilean industry, while reflecting significant progress in efforts to promote the sector.