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CoolStack® - The first real HPS SON-T replacement LED grow light

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Descripción del producto

Compact and powerful – that is in a few words what the new CoolStack® LED grow lights stand for.
With a market leading PPF light output of 1.950µmol/s out of a 600 watts LED grow light, the CoolStack® is the ideal alternative for SON-T assimilation lighting in greenhouses.
While the efficiency and technology of SON-T HPS grow lights has stabilized over years, the gap with LEDs used in horticulture assimilation lighting becomes bigger and bigger.

Just a few years ago we could still discuss if LED grow lights would offer a major advantage over the well-known and proven technology of HPS Son-T lamps.
Today it is clear that the near future of horti assimilation lighting is completely turning in the direction of LED technology.

But the CoolStack® is more than just another LED grow light – it is a state-of-the-art grow light platform with an unprecedented level of technology and vision in it.
As an example discover how we made the CoolStack® the first sustainable LED grow light on the market.
With a life time of 75.000 burning hours this stand equivalent to 25 years of use at a yearly rate of 3.000 hours of deployment.
Of course in that time the technology and efficiency of LED grow lights will drastically change and improve.
Therefore we have designed the CoolStack® in this way that the LED grow light engines can be replaced and updated over time.

Did you know that the LED emitters only count for 30% of the total cost of a grow light, and that the expectations are that this percentage will further decline over time when the LEDs become cheaper?
So why would you throw away 100% of your investments after a few years when you want to upgrade to the next level of market efficiency in grow lights while you could do that with just a part of the cost?

This is how we contribute, not only in your current and future investments in LED grow light, but also in the sustainability we cherish.





Descripción del expositor

With its headquarter in Kaohsiung Taiwan, a high-end R&D hub in Taipei Taiwan and global distribution facilities in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, MechaTronix leads the world of advanced LED grow lights. As part of the 8 Lakes group with headquarter in Breda The Netherlands the company combines the high-end world of Asian technology and manufacturing with the cores and values of a West European market leader.

We bring new technologies into the world of horticulture assimilation lighting which aim at the highest yields as well as controllability and repeatability.

We challenge you to go arm-in-arm with us on your horticulture grow light adventure and guarantee you a unique journey.




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