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Descripción del producto

Blueberry is presented by several varieties that allows to get fresh berries from July to September.
Honeysuckle – a new star in berry industrial production. Today Starberry TM have the biggest area of this culture in Ukraine. The honeysuckle ripens earlier than strawberry and is the earliest fresh berry in the market.

STARBERRY & WISEBERRY brands offer annually not less than 300 tons of blueberry for saling.

  • Delivery: lot 1 truck, 1 pallet 320/340/360kg.
  • The pallets size: 120х80, cardboard boxes - 40х60 or 40x30 cm
  • Packing: cardboards 3-5 kg, plastic boxes 500gr
  • Quality of production: Our main priority is quality providing and safety of production therefore berries are grown up in strict accordance with requirements of the GlobalGAP standard.
  • Certificate: GlobalGAP.

Our production has advantages:
  • High quality
  • Cooling the products
  • Packing under requrments
  • Sorting
  • High sanitary standard





Descripción del expositor

Grass Avenue farm TM Starberries

The family company was founded on 2012 and produce blueberry on more than 50 hectares in Zhytomyr regions of Ukraine. Blueberry sales under the STARBERRIES trademark.

The main activity of the company is aimed at growing elite varieties of blueberries. The high technology of berries and innovation in agricultural production, the quality management system and the environmental quality of products, enables us to meet the demand of the most demanding customers in the premium HoReCa segment and deliver products to supermarkets.

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