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Descripción del producto

Since 1996, WISHA-Bananitos are produced by the Cooperativa Carchense à Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas in Ecuador. Since 2013, the production of WISHA-Bananitos is Fairtrade certified. Bananitos or Baby-Banana is a small but very sweet variety, particularly appreciated by the children and gourmets. The variety is very sensitive and needs careful handling from production to consumer.
WISHA-Bananitos are available all over Europe in the desired ripening stage; Ripening is done naturally without use of Ethylene gaz.


WISHA - SATORI c/o Satori SA

WISHA - SATORI c/o Satori SA


Descripción del expositor

The aim of the WISHA-concept is to offer the consumer all year round the best exotic fruits. Excellent taste quality, strict visual selection, ethical production conditions and respectful treatment of the environment are the conditions for Wisha-Producers.

9 producers on 4 continents are committed to the WISHA-Principles. Wisha producers benefit from the technical support of our "R&D department. Among the WISHA producers there is a regular transfer of know-how. Wisha exotics are available all over Europe in pre-ripened or “ready to eat” conditions.

Together with our research&development-partner in Peru we perform test programs on new mango varieties which are exclusivery available for us. The objective is to assure regualr supply of the best qualities (taste & coloration) throughout the year.

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