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Recomendación de Apples - with top Swiss breeds

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Mairac is a new Swiss apple variety. This cross between Gala and Maigold was created in early 1985 by the breeder and variety assessor Charly Rapillard at the Fougères Centre, Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil ACW in the Valais. The Mairac is an attractive apple remarkable for its firm flesh, excellent storage properties and its rich composition.
  • Origin: cross between Gala and Maigold
  • Size: medium to large
  • Skin: base colour greenish yellow, ¾ covered in bright red to dark red, marbled; dry, slightly matt
  • Form: round to truncated conical shape, regular
  • Flesh: deep cream, firm, crisp, juicy with sweet-tart, aromatic taste
  • Maturity: beginning to middle of October, around 10 days after Golden Delicious


Junami (Diwa) is a new apple variety from Agroscope ACW. A cross between Idared, Maigold and Elstar, it combines outstanding fruit characteristics with excellent storage properties. The yellow-green base colour also appeals to consumers, since it conveys the justified impression of freshness and crispness. Tests by specialised bodies and by consumers have demonstrated that the Junami is received very well indeed: This crisp, juicy fruit with its harmonious, long-lasting aroma is highly appreciated, and already finds great favour abroad.
  • Origin: cross between (Idared x Maigold) and Elstar
  • Size: medium
  • Skin: smooth, lightly rusted, yellow-green, ¾ covered with bright red, marbled to shaded; numerous light-coloured, small lenticells
  • Form: round, medium-wide stalk opening, calyx half-open, regular
  • Flesh: cream colour, firm, juicy, fruity aroma
  • Maturity: middle to end of September

Swiss apples – a joy to look at and a joy to bite into.

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Schweizer Obstverband

Schweizer Obstverband


Descripción del expositor

Fruit-Union Suisse is a private organisation of producers and processors of fruits. It is representing the branch dealing with authorities, economy, consumers and in public.

Regional and canton organisations are among the circa 300 members as well as breweries, fruit juice producers and other processing enterprises.

Open markets and competition by foreign products are the future. Therefore it is most important to mark Swiss products clear and keep this item by strict controls.

Swiss agriculture introduced a common, origin character of domestic agriculture products: SUISSE GARANTIE distinguishes the origin and processing country Switzerland, makes clear demands for production and the processing methods and ensures a complete, independent control and certification system.

SUISSE GARANTIE offers decision making aid and security with the purchase of food.
Products produced and processed in Switzerland are labeled with SUISSE GARANTIE. This applies to the entire manufacture and processing process.

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