9700 Lattuga

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Via Risorgimento 11
30010 Cona (VE)

Teléfono / Fax: mostrar
Teléfono: +39 0426 308354
Fax: +39 0426 308262

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Descripción del producto

Harvest Process

9700 Lattuga is a self-propelled harvester on tracks which permits the harvest of several kinds of head lettuces (such as Romaine, Butterhead, Batavian, etc.).

The cutting height is adjusted from the driver’s board: a swinging knife cuts the heads at the base. Additionally, electronic sensors are in use for automatic and precise cutting height adjustment as the planting bed top may change.

The conveyor belt moves the lettuce over the main platform, where the operators can trim and clean the heads.

Next, the heads are moved to the rear of the harvester where the crew tidily puts them inside the cartons.

An operator feeds the empty cartons standing on the lateral trailer, the same cartons will return back filled to the trailer, ready to be shipped.

Technical Details

The big 9700 is equipped with the depandable, 4-cylinder diesel powered Kohler turbo motor which produces 74 HP.

THe hot galvanized frame, the stainless steel hoods and the big tracks (30x365 cm, rubber or steel), make the open field the natural habitat of this harvester.

The foot folding deck has a flat surface of 23 square meters (on the biggest version produced, 5x4.7 mt deck) and it can support a 3000 kg payload.

The 9700 is the most technologically advanced harvester produced from our shop. The electrical installation, can-BUS technology built, is totally designed and produced from our electrical department and it´s verifiable from our engineers at any time via GSM remote connection.

The driver controls can be extended (wired) up to 5 mt from the driver position for easy harvester manauvering in tight spaces or areas with reduced visibility. Besides, it increases the security during the loading/unloading from a transporter trailer.

The massive deck allows for more packing, sorting, and processing of harvested product.

Available cutting widths: 130 to 180 cm.
Movable tracks, from 145 cm to 210 cm.