What are the visitor routes?

The visitor routes are an offer to our trade visitors to reach the suppliers of certain segments at FRUIT LOGISTICA more easy, fast, and direct.
Exhibitors of certified organic end products and fresh convenience end products will be highlighted with an icon logo. The icon logo serves as signal and directory alike.
Find a list of all participating vendors with one click on the respective icon here in the Virtual Market Place.

Which FRUIT LOGISTICA visitor routes do we offer?

Organic Route Organic Route with suppliers of certified organic end products
Convenience Route Convenience Route with suppliers of fresh convenience end products

What are the benefits of the visitor routes?

  • Locate special products easy and fast
  • Personal planning tool
  • Find all participating suppliers of fresh convenience and organic products at a glance
  • Optimize time and effort of your FRUIT LOGISTICA visit
  • All participating exhibitors are indicated in our interactive hall plans with the following icons:
Organic Route Organic Route
Convenience Route Convenience Route