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12 Ergebnisse

  • Desmond Chong

    Fachbesucher von TVI PTE LTD
  • Sales & Distribution Thomas Connell

    Fachbesucher von La Dona Pineapple Panama
    Sales & Distribution
    Looking for retailers, wholesalers and distributors of premium quality pineapple through Europe and Global markets. Year round supply of pineapple, available in all sizes, shipped by air and sea from Panama.
  • Head of Global Sales Dax Cooke

    Fachbesucher von La Dona Fruit
    Retail, wholesale Coconut, lime, ananas, pineapple
  • COOLTemp

    ONE COOLTemp technology provides customized in-transit handling process to meet stringent cold treatment protocol. It ensures your fresh produce meet local quarantine requirement by effectively kill fruit flies and larvae with precise control and continuous recording of pulp temperatures (USDA#1,2,3) at different location in the container according to specific cold treatment protocol of importing country. With CoolTemp cold treatment service, it eliminates the need for fumigation and allow fresh…
  • COOLXtend CA+

    ONE COOLXTEND CA+ is the most technologically advanced control atmosphere system in the market to extend shelf-life and safeguard freshness of perishable cargoes. Deploying stage of the art VPSA* technology with self-contained nitrogen generator, COOLXTEND CA+ blankets cargo with rich nitrogen to establish optimum atmosphere rapidly. It precisely controls atmospheric composition throughout the transit for produces to enjoy instant freshness preservation and reach distant markets in prime conditi…
  • DiMuto Pte Ltd

    Solve the pain points of fresh produce trade and get access to trade financing, market access, supply chain visibility and more with DiMuto. DiMuto digitalises produce by tagging produce and carton with QR labels, tracking and tracing individual produce for even small and medium growers and packers, making supply chain blockchain accessible and applicable. With end-to-end supply chain visibility, DiMuto provides further trade opportunities like trade financing and new market access.
  • DiMuto Track & Trace

    Digitalise fruits with DiMuto Track & Trace for Trade Opportunities Deploy DiMuto Track & Trace devices and gain access to trade financing opportunities. DiMuto digitalises produce by tagging each produce and carton with QR labels, tracking and tracing individual produce and cartons for even small and medium growers and packers, making supply chain blockchain applicable and accessible without any disruption to workflow. With end-to-end supply chain visibility, DiMuto provides access to further …
  • Arjun Dutta

    Regional Head - South East Asia
    Organizations interested in Data-driven approach to farming thus maximizing per acre value.
  • Lee JJ Lee

    Fachbesucher von H&Z GLOBAL PTE LTD
  • Gary Loh

    Ansprechpartner von DiMuto Pte Ltd
    Founder, Chairman
    Fresh Produce Import-Export Trade solutions, food traceability, supply chain digitization, market access
  • Ocean Network Express

    Vereinigtes Königreich
    Am 07. Juli 2017 wurde Ocean Network Express (ONE) durch den Zusammenschluss von Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K-Line), Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) und Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) gegründet. Die neugründete Firma operiert mit einem globalen Firmensitz in Singapore, dieser erfährt die Unterstützung der regionalen Firmensitze in Hong Kong, Singapore, den Vereinten Nationen von America und Brasilien. ONE ist die sechst größte Containerreederei mit einer Flottengröße von etwa 1,55 Millionen TEU und der dri…
  • Refrigerated Cargo

    Being the third largest, young and state of the art reefer fleet in the world, ONE provides the best in class reliable “cargo care” with optimized services to meet our customers’ diversified needs. Whether avocados and bananas from South America, chilled/frozen meat from North America/Oceania, citrus/grapes from South Africa, dairy/wine from Europe or fresh fruits/vegetables in Intra Asia trade - whatever your product is or wherever your market is around the world, ONE has the unmatched legacy …